We are enclosing the upstairs loft, and my house is in complete chaos because of it. I am going nuts. I just want it done already so everything can be put back in its proper place.

I took Muffin to get a haircut (after a dismal first attempt by me) and she looks SO cute - like a little lamb.

I took Emmy to the doctor yesterday about her arm, she was STILL complaining. Guess what he said after looking at the x-rays..."it's just sprained, we'll put an ace bandage on it." Score another point for me - Dr. Mom.

I've lost 5 pounds so far with Nutri System and going to the gym.


Words of Wisdom with Bill

My husband Bill is convinced that he should be followed around by somebody, whose sole purpose is to write down every "profound" thought he has. He wants to be able to give his wisdom to the masses and feels it is being squandered on just his family. I will leave you with two of his most frequent quotes:

Usually to one or both of our girls:
" What's that I smell? Is that a "toot"? An atti-toot?" (attitude)

Also usually to the girls:
The "wants" are like the runs, they don't do anybody any good."

I know....Those chinese proverbs got nothin' on him!
Backstory: I was raised in a house where if you were sick, basically you were on your own. There was no tolerance for illness of anykind. Unless of course, "someone" in the house had a "migrane" (which occured daily) then you were to be quiet and stay out of her way. Completely. For all years ranging from birth - 18. (which if you made it to then, you moved out)

So now to Today: So, once I started having children of my own, I've tried to break above said cycle, and have a little more compassion. I can usually go about 24 hours, and then I'm like, "okay, your done, let's move it along." Well, Saturday, Emmy's primary teacher took her class Ice Skating. One girl broke her arm, and Emmy sprained her wrist and someone skated over her fingers while she was down - cutting several of them with the blade. Now, I now it hurts...I get that. However, how does saying it every 5 minutes for the whole weekend help anything? Then she gets up this morning, already with the whining. I know she wants me to take her to the doctor so he can tell me what? "She has a sprained wrist, you'll need to put an ace bandage on it." I ALREADY KNOW THIS, AND ALREADY PUT ONE ON IT!!!!!

So I made her a deal. Fine, you can stay home from school, but I'm NOT taking you to the doctor, and you CAN'T COMPLAIN or WHINE all day.

That's me....Mom Of The Year. Thank You.


It was 17 years ago this week that my life was changed, I became a mom. I can't believe how fast time flies. The road of shared parenting has been a little rough & rocky at times along the way, but he himself has always given me nothing but pure joy. He came over Friday (which always TOTALLY cracks me up that he is 17 and still comes over every weekend instead of going out with friends) anyways, he came over Friday, and had his Board of Review for Eagle Scout, he passed! Dominic is now officially an Eagle...Yeah!!!! We celebrated by going to get Boba! (an Asian drink).

Saturday, we did some work around the house, then him & I went out too lunch and to see "Juno" He has seen it 5 times already (he thinks Ellen Page is the epitome of physical beauty & personality), but I've been wanting to see it, so he went again. It was SO good, I really liked it. Holly wanted to see it too and was hoping that I would come home and say it was okay for her to see. It's not. We had a good time.

Dominic, I am so happy that I was chosen to be your mom. You are turning into such a good, decent man, i am so proud of you.


Leaving Las Vegas!

Actually we just got back. we had SO much fun.