Swine. Flu.

If I hear these words one more time in the next 15 minutes, I WILL scream!!!!

I'm sure its serious, but OMG the media latches on to something and does not let go.


Since I have no memory, and this IS my blog, I like to use it to remember things I would otherwise forget within moments of it happening.

Like conversations I have with my kids.


Some of them are hillarious.

Like the time I overheard Dominic & Doug talking about school cafeteria food (specifically, meatloaf). I had to go write it down verbatim so I wouldn't forget the details. To this day, that conversation ranks at the top of my "Best Conversations of ALL TIME" lists. Too. Funny.

Anyways...I digress.

Sunday morning I met up with Dominic for breakfast.

He recently went and had a "Prospective Student" visit with the college he is interested in attending.

He was telling me all about it and the things he did while he was there.

But a few of the "Bullet Points" for that conversation are these:

- EVERYONE in college is "bi".

- Because of the above, he thinks while attending college, you should be given a colored wristband so that you know who you can safely "flirt with" so as not to get yourself into a "awkward" situation, or offend someone.

- EVERYONE has facial hair. So he was contemplating how he would work this. He doesn't like sideburns, and he's not really feeling the "billy goat goatee". One of the guys that had one, was eating soup, and apparantly not all the soup ended up in his mouth. The goatee worked as kind of a catch all for his meals. So he's still trying to figure out how to work this in. Any ideas?

- EVERYONE is a protester.

All in all, it sounds like he had a good time. He is looking VERY forward to starting this next chapter of his life.

It should make for some VERY good conversations.



I have lived in Arizona for going on 40 years (yikes!!!!) and this weekend was the FIRST TIME that I have ever been to the Superstition Mountains.

Isn't that crazy?

Especially since we live 10 minutes away and we have driven by them hundreds of times going to the lake. Anyways....

It was a memorial hike for brothers that went to Emmy's school that were killed by a drunk driver recently. The family was coming home from the boys Little League game, two teenagers in another car were drunk and ran a stop sign. The whole situation is very sad.

Back to the hike -

I thought I was in pretty good shape...

Well, I would be WRONG.

It was about 5 miles, and it kicked my butt, or maybe it was the HORRIBLE allergies I had all weekend. But between the two, I was pretty much out of commission by Saturday night.

The hike was fun, and the view was pretty. We could see downtown Phoenix from the top, and it's at least 40 miles away. I thought that was cool.


Dog & Beth

Yeah, we are on a first name basis around here.

Let me back up a bit-

A few weeks ago, we were out somewhere (can't remember where) and we came across a lady who looked IDENTICAL to Beth (she was even scarfing/slurping up NACHOS), she's Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife.

I made this observation out loud to the girls, who gave me a completely blank look.

"Who's Beth?" they asked.

So me OBVIOUSLY having dropped my mothering/mentoring somewhere along the way, took the opportunity to school them in all things Dog.

They were STILL not impressed or intrigued to find out more.


a few days later, I was looking for something to watch on a late Saturday afternoon, and its like the TV Universe had heard my pleas for help.

There was a Dog the Bounty Hunter MARATHON!!!!!!!

Holy. Crappola.

I called to the girls to "come quick" so I could show them who I had been talking about.

They could not look away.

Bill was gone for the weekend, so we all parked ourselves on the couch and watched the whole thing.

Hours and hours of Dog and his clan.


So when I hopped on over to AZCentral this morning, and saw this, I had to stop and have a moment of silence for him.

Please Dog...be safe.


Sunday Stealing: The 40 meme

1. My uncle once: Turned his head to the side to talk to someone across the room, I was sitting next to him and his ears had SO MUCH oozing wax in them I was completely grossed/freaked out! Then every year when I would see them, that was the first thing I would check, ALWAYS the same. GROSS. So now, as keeper of my own ears, I am OBSESSED with Q-tips. They are your friend....use them!

2. Never in my life: have I met a cockroach worth not killing!

3. When I was seventeen: DO NOT EVEN WANT TO GO THERE!!!!!

4. High School was : the absolute worst. Hated it.

5. I will never forget : my mom lying in the back yard sunbathing and catching the garbage men peeking over the fence at her. HILLARIOUS!

6. I once met : you have to leave the house to meet people....

7. There’s this girl I know who :

8. Once, at a bar : Not a drinker.

9. By noon, I’m usually : ready for another Monster!

10. Last night : I watched the Amazing Race. I know this is not PC, but I am SERIOUSLY sick of/annoyed with the deaf guy and his momma. Last night was complete BS with the whole shoving incident and him trying to make it all Keisha & Jen's fault.

11. If only I had : more patience.

12. Next time I go to church : I REALLY hope we get there early enough to not have to sit in the back. We've been getting there 20-30 min early and STILL end up back there and I can't hear a thing. Yes, I am one of those crotchety old ladies that give dirty looks to the kids that run around playing when they should be sitting.

13. Susan Boyle : When I saw that clip my first thought was...Susan Boyle??? That's the name of that girl I worked with at Eegee's that my boyfriend at the time, Merrit, was COMPLETELY infatuated with, but always denied it. Drove me insane! She also drove the car that I had dreamed of my entire life. A white rag top convertible VW.

14. What worries me most : don't EVEN get me started.....

15. When I turn my head left, I see : can't turn my head, the whole cervical spinal fusion thing...

16. When I turn my head right, I see : see #15.

17. You know I’m lying when : listen, I have the memory of a lemon, it does me NO GOOD to try and lie. it's the truth or nothin'...

18. What I miss most about the eighties : there is not a thing I miss about the 80's.

19. If I was a character in Shakespeare, I’d be : Juliet

20. By this time next year :

21. A better name for me would be :

22. I have a hard time understanding : why math is required in school. And since it is, why can't it come with personal tutors so I can stop looking like a complete idiot when my kids ask for help.

23. If I ever go back to school, I’ll : SCREAM!!!! I've thought about it a few times, but with my ADD there is NO WAY I could sit in that chair listening longer than 15 minutes. No. Way.

24. You know I like you if : I talk to you

25. If I ever won an award, the first person I’d thank would be : depends on what the award is for.

26. When I compare 80’s rock to 90’s rock : love them both

27. Take my advice, never : buy a car new, over rated.

28. My ideal breakfast is : 2 Monster's and 1/2 an "Everything" bagel

29. A song I love, but do not own is : oh this is a good ?. Heard a song yesterday on the way home from Vegas and thought "i need to download that when we get home, but.....forgot what it was. See #17

30. If you visit my hometown, I suggest : don't come in the summer. You will die.

31. My favorite Beatle is : John Lennon. I was 11, I can remember going to Wool Co. with my family, and I was up in the front of the store near the comic books and magazines and all the magazines had John on the cover. He had just been shot. It completely fascinated me. That same year in school we had to write a research report on someone famous and i chose him. LOVE him. Yoko...not so much.

32. Why won’t people : lighten up?

33. If you spend the night at my house : I will make you Hoot Nanny pancakes. For sleepovers that is what I do.

34. I’d stop my wedding for : calling my parents to let them know I was just minutes away from driving to Vegas, so if they wanted to be there, they should probably get on it.

35. The world could do without : stupid people

36. I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than : Speak in front of a crowded room.

37. My favorite blonde is : Emmy

38: Paper clips are more useful than : string

39. If I do anything well, it’s : over think.

40. And by the way : I can't believe I've done another one of these things!


Holy Smokes!

Who knew Hannah Montana could make me bawl like a little baby?

Is this a little...




Probably a combo of all of thee above.

But first I should probably back up to Friday, because that is when this whole cry-fest of a weekend started.

I hung out with Dominic, who is less than 2 months away from moving over 1,600 miles away. That was the first major crack in my already fragile emotional armour.

THEN, when I walked in the door from being with him, I was greeted with a BEAUTIFUL, SPARKLING, CLEAN house. When I had left it earlier it was nice & clean but when I came home it was IMMACULATE. You see, I have been blessed with a daughter who thrives on cleaning.

She had done the whole. entire. house.

I know...impressive.

BUT - I soon found out it came with strings attached.

She wanted to have friends over. I just wasn't in the mood.

I know, I know...MEAN MOM!!!!

She was crushed, then she was mad. I felt bad, but not bad enough to change my mind.

The rest of the day was meh.

Finally I had had enough of that day.

I was cranky and annoyed so I headed up to my room.

There was NOTHING on.

I came across Friday Night Lights it was about mid-way through the episode. I had never seen it before. It was good. VERY GOOD. SO good that Saturday I had it on my to-do list to go out and get. Which I did. Bill and I spent Saturday afternoon watching a few episodes while the kids were all out. I kept finding myself wiping puddles of tears from my face.


What in the H is going on with me???



NEITHER are a GOOD diagnosis.

It must be the toll of the last several months and worrying about what our future holds. All I know is at some point during this weekend, I found myself sitting in a movie theater, with both my daughters and my husband, watching a girl I was SURE we'd be over by now, and I was BAWLING!!!!!

LOVE this song. LOVE the message.

For the record: I LIKE this girl, I like her music. I even listen to it if there are no kids around. I think she is VERY talented. And I CERTAINLY wouldn't want to be 16 years old with the eyes of the world watching my every move WAITING for me to make a wrong one. In my house, we make sure our kids know that the things and people to be admired are ones that work hard, learn from their mistakes and treat people well. Money, fame, glitz & glamour are fleating.

Also: I was distracted by her teeth through most of the movie, am I being shallow and nit-picky?

And: Billy Ray's chest is getting "old-man" looking.

Just sayin'....


Sunday night was spent consolling Emmy about Easter.

It was SO sad.

This year we did NOTHING for Easter.

No Easter pageant.

No egg hunt.

No family get together.

She was really upset about it.

Next year I will have to remember that age is just a number and family traditions should stay intact. Sometimes I think that the kids are/should be past something and CLEARLY they are not.

Hope everyone had a Hoppy Easter. (ha ha haaa... )


Hey Ya'll!

Slowly coming out of hibernation.

Its been a LONG, DARK winter.


So...how's everyone doing?

hanging' in there?


Just a little nugget from Tuesday night that made me oh so happy.

Yes, that's right -
There is a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW batch of Real Housewives and these ones are from NEW JERSEY!!!!

I'm Super. Excited.

NOTE: UGGG!!! Just tried to add a YouTube clip for you, but there is NONE.

How can this be?


Long time coming.


I'm ready...here we go.

Yes, I kept it.

We've now moved on to turtles.

This still sucks.