Shanell made a comment in the previous post about the services I provide in bringing only the best contents of the web to this site. It occured to me that I've never posted my most FAVORITE YouTube clip of all time. I will do that now. Your welcome.

And yes, apparantly I am a 39 year old woman with the mind of an 11 year old boy, because that is THE FUNNIEST clip EVER no matter how many times I've watched it.




Scout Camp

While we were gone to Seattle, Austin was off to Scout Camp.

Backstory: Austin is not a fan of leaving the house. EVER. We've had to bribe him to go to Disneyland, the movies, treats, EVERYTHING. If he was told he just won a million dollars but had to go out to pick it up, he'd pass on it. He's also not a complainer, if I tell him he must do something, he just does it.

So anyways, I had to have him stay with my mother-in-law a couple days before hand, and she dropped him off to camp for us.

Well, they were to come home yesterday, and all morning I was so nervous that he would never speak to me again for making him go. The last long campout he went on he walked through the front door saying "Mom, Can I PLEASE quit Scouts?" I told him as soon as he got his Eagle, he would no longer have to go if that is what he wished.

So yesterday about 2-ish my phone rings, its Austin.

"Mom, I missed you so much, we're back, can you come pick me up?"

When we got there he was SO happy to see us. But the best thing?

He got 7....SEVEN...Merit Badges!

And, I think he even had a good time.



At dinner Thursday night, we had a Cross-Eyed Contest.

You know, 'cause were sophisticated like that.

Contestant #1

Contestant #2

Contestant #3

Ummm...okay, I know that Contestant #3 looks a little....how do I say this?


He's not.

He's just new at these "contests".

Wait. No he's not.

He was the creator of them.

I have no explanation.


Is anyone else having trouble with blogger? It won't let me post pictures the last few times, i don't know if it's them or me.


Mama Mia!


1.  Who in the heck did the casting for this movie?  They need to be fired.

2.  Was there no one in Hollywood available that could sing?  If they would have told me, I could have gave them my ward list and they would have done a better job.

3.  If  Sophie (the daughter) is 20 and her mom got pregnant with her in late teens-21'ish, than WHY was the mother who played her at least 60?  As well as EVERY other lead in the movie? (not that there is anything thing wrong with 60 year olds, but they're supposed to be 40!!!!!)

I HATED it!  I was so disappointed.  With the amount of money spent on making it, why was it SO crappy?  I did kind of like Sophie, but that's it!

I'm so annoyed right now, can you tell?

If you saw the movie, tell me your thoughts.


I am so upset!  

I'm not sure what has happened, but all of the photos I took yesterday are gone!  

Just vanished. 

I went to load them, and the photos from the day before are there, but not yesterdays!  

We had the most amazing day.  Tacoma is absolutly gorgeous.  They have a high school that puts "Hogwarts" to shame.  Stadium High is a public school and it overlooks Puget Sound, we were able to go inside and the classrooms have windows that overlook the water.  I pulled some images so you could see.

(Blogger is being really weird that last few days, at least for me, I'll try and post more later about yesterday)


Sleepless in Seattle

Well, we got off to Seattle and had a GREAT flight! And
THANK GOODNESS we were seated in the comforts
of First Class (gotta love those last minute upgrades!),
and did
not have to deal with ANYTHING like this:

And then when we landed, we got off the plane and I had
to pee SO BAD! We go in the first bathroom we come to,
and guess what we saw?


A real live nun.

I can't tell you how excited Holly & Emmy were about
this nun encounter. And, I think she may even have
been a "foreign" nun. She was wearing a blue nun
"outfit", just like the little nuns in Madeline! (or maybe
that is "standard attire", my nun knowledge is VERY
LITTLE) I wanted to take a picture of the girls & the
nun, but they wouldn't let me.


That's all.

Ta-ta for now!

(The video is not working and I am VERY sad
about this. It is probably "Blogger Karma" for
me making fun of people and their lack of socially
acceptable behavior, lack of dental & bodily
hygiene and their homely, unruly kids.)


Current: Envy, Obsession & Love


Actress Helen Mirren- age 63


Although NOT a good idea for breakfast, or maybe it was the Pink Lemonade Pie that followed it!?


Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
My newly discovered love & obsession of sushi, is NOT a good idea for breakfast.


Little Children

I have Shanell's Girls while she is at girls' camp. (1,2,5 & 6)

Can I just tell you how much pressure I feel at keeping them alive & unharmed?

SO GLAD I do not have small kids anymore! You can't take your eyes off of them for 1 second!


Holly walked through the front door yelling "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

I went to see what on earth was wrong with her.

She stood there holding this:

What in Holy Hell were they thinking?


A Born Writer!

I came across a box of mine from childhood, and decided to take a quick peek inside. On the top was a book "All About Me" you know, the kind where you fill in the blank spots. For the most part, it is empty. However, there was one page that had writing on it.

The page title is "POEM" here is what I wrote:

There is a fat green frog
Who thought he needed to jog
He jogged all night
Because he was afraid of the light
He jogged with a dog.

Proof that even at the age of 10, I had mad, impressive writing skills.


Thanks for all the B-Day well wishes, made my day! I had a "special" little something I was going to post, but am going CRAZY trying to figure out how to do it. Figuring out how to do It is now OFFICIALLY my new obsession!
So, does your hairstylist call and personally sing Happy Birthday to You? Yeah...I didn't think so! Thanks Chelsea!

I've Been Tagged!

By the cutest little red-head around!

Here's how this "Tag" works. List 3 Joys, 3 Fears, 3 Goals, 3 Current Obsessions/Collections, 3 Surprising Facts about yourself. Then tag 5 people at the end of your post.

3 JOYS...
* You know how when babies start talking & walking it is SO cute and you can't get enough of it? Then after awhile it's like "enough already..SIT down & BE QUIET!" WELL....Right now I'm in the first stages of teenage-hood and I gotta say - I L.O.V.E. it! We missed out on having it 24/7 with the older boys so it's kind of all new. But I love the snark, the quick-witted comebacks they have with each other, and the "attitude" comments I get when I ask them to do something. MOST of the time, It cracks me up (although I am smart enough not to show it). Also, all the new "stages" we are in are providing SO much funny moments right now, it's a real shame I have taken a vow of blogging silence regarding the children and their mishaps, because some of them are GOLD!

* My dogs. I love them. I never knew that animals could have personalities. They just make me so happy, even when I have to help them out of a predicament. Like yesterday, with Muffin, and her part moist/part hard, VERY large dingleberry.

* Above all...My family & my life. I just have a really, really, nice life.

3 FEARS...
* Dying before I'm done living.

* NOT dying, but becoming incapacitated, AND STILL living.

* Dying, and then Bill getting some hooch pregnant and she takes everything we've worked so hard to build together and is mean to my kids.

3 GOALS...
* Not obsessing over things I have NO CONTROL over.

* Being able to go topless & wear a thong, and LOOK GOOD while doing it, wherever we are next year for our 40th B-Days! (JUST KIDDING!

* Getting everything done that I need to do in the next 3 days.

* Strangely enough, I am not obsessed over anything right now.

* My last obsession ended yesterday. Hallelujah! I had seen some paper at a Target FAR AWAY about a month ago when I met up with Dominic for breakfast. I didn't buy it. Couldn't stop thinking about it. Looked at 10 different Targets by me for it, couldn't find it. Looked online, no luck. FINALLY drove back to original Target yesterday and bought EVERY SINGLE THING in the product line. I immediately felt such peace and satisfaction.

* Can't think of another one. Gimmie a minute, I'm sure one will be RIGHT AROUND the corner.

* I'm not a talker.

* I have NEVER drank milk. (excluding probably in bottle)

* My closet is a COMPLETE disaster again.

I tag Julie, UK, and YOU if you have not done this yet!


A-Z about me

A*age- 39
B*birthday- July 6
C*candy or cake- neither
D*dessert you love- creme brule or a scoop of ice cream with a crushed cone on top
E*easiest person to talk to-I don't really "talk" a whole lot, but if I "need" to, about 1 or 2 times a year I'll call Denise (my sister)
F*favorite song- WAAYYYY too many. I LOVE music.
G*gold or silver- depends on the outfit
I*instruments you play- none.
J*Job title-
K*kids- 5
L*love or lust- that would be LUSTful LOVE!
M*Married, single or taken- married
N*next to you- empty
O*one wish-That my kids have no struggles. But, I know that struggles are what make like worth living and what make you grow & learn. So, my wish is that they come out of any struggle a better person!
P*person you called last-LoveStud.
Q*Quotes-....What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Ralph Waldo Emerson
R*reasons to smile- because I am a very blessed girl.
S*steak or pork- steak
T*turns you on-
U*unique talent-
V*vegetable- I can't name just 1...how will the others feel?
I LOVE veggies!!!!
W*woke up at what time- 3:43 a.m.
X*X-rays you have had- teeth, neck
Y*your favorite color- Again....how can I pick just one?
Z*zodiac sign- cancer

I tag Julie, UK and YOU!

Now I have to get back to work!



I'm SO glad I'm Married!

Because I could not handle dating or dodging phone calls like this.

http://view.break.com/527579 - Watch more free videos
Holly: Mom?

Me: Yeah.

Holly: If my gums EXPLODED and blood was GUSHING OUT everywhere, would I go to the Emergency Room or the dentist?

This is what you get when the pool is hotter than your bath water, you've watched Disney's Camp Rock 23 times and have EVERY line memorized (not that it's tough dialouge), have baked your brains out & done every craft imagineable.

You now envison that a trip to the Emergency Room sounds fun.