Its that time of year, for those of us with school age children, that you have conflicting feelings. Your like, yea! less than a month of school left.

No more homework.

No more projects.

No more programs.

But then your left with what all that means...it's almost summer.



Non-stop bickering.

.....Oh Yeah!


A Moment of Reflection: Wear Sunscreen

Every couple of years I drag out this video and play it for myself to remind me to appreciate the moment I'm in. I make my kids listen to it as well. If you haven't heard or seen it before listen to the whole thing. Right now I am trying to get in shape, and I look back at photos and one in particular photo was of me on a beach in Mexico, and I distinctly remember that moment thinking I was so fat & hideous so I put jean shorts on over my swimsuit (I was 95 pounds AND four months pregnant). I WOULD KILL to look that "fat & hideous" again. I was going to post the picture but had 2nd thoughts.


**Wear Sunscreen by Buz Luhrmann. And yes, there are longer versions for those that have longer attention spans.


I was totally expecting my baby to be gone for a few days, I thought they would have to ship it off, so I had mentally prepared myself for severe withdrawal systems. But because Apple is THE BEST, my baby is back in my arms. BUT, while I was at the Mac store I was playing around with the iPod touch. I WANT IT!!!!!



I don't shave my legs very often. Razors give me the willy's, so when I do shave I get goosebumps. Then they get shaved off. Then I have bloody legs. So I just wait as long as possible (like maybe every 6 months or so) to shave. Then when I go to get pedicures, I act like I just "spur of the moment" decided to stop and get my toes painted. I apologize profusley for the state of my hairy legs, "Ohh, if I would have known I was going to stop, I would have shaved..." I do this EVERY time.


As much as I try, I CAN NOT deny Sunflowers, animal prints and the color pink. I have tried to ween myself off these things many times, to no avail.


I have an unhealthy fascination with Larry King. (Did you know he has a fan underneath his desk because he has a "flatulance" problem? The fan helps blow the smell away from the guests.)


Same with Brangelina. I am OBSESSED! You know...Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie. LOVE THEM!


I NEED to wear make-up, but I don't like it, so I rarely do.


I HATE shopping for clothes. So I go to Target and I'll buy 5 or 6 pairs of the same $14.99 Levi Strauss jeans and one of every color of the same v-neck Merona T-shirts (8-10 of them) then I come home and get the scissors and cut 2 inches off the bottoms of all the jeans. Then I'm good to go for about 8 months. Then I do it all again.


I don't like being noticed. At all. For anything. My motto is "Fly under the Radar."


Often times I wonder why I have been so blessed, and I feel guilty about it.


I have always felt more comfortable around people much older or much younger than myself.


My car looks like a homeless person lives in it, which doesn't bother me. But if things are a mess at home it drives me CRAZY!


I love frozen Ding Dongs. But I can only put one in the freezer at a time or I will eat the whole box.


The Drunken Confessional

Two weeks ago, Bill came home and told me "we" would be having something "businessy" to go to in two weeks. That was him giving me my "official" notice. And then every couple of days since then he's sure to mention it so I won't be able to claim "no knowledge" of said event when it is here and I try not to go. As I've stated before, I have EXTREME social anxiety. I now KNOW that is what's wrong, but knowing it has not curbed it AT ALL. In fact, the older I get, the worse it has gotten. I'm not sure why, and after the fact, I always look back and say "oh that wasn't so bad" but getting me there is another matter altogether.

So, "the thing" is on Saturday, and I am already working myself into a tizzy. Bill tells me it will be fine and that EVERYONE ALWAYS says how much they LOVE ME and how much fun they think I am. But....

I come across as drunk.

But I'm not.

I will give you my most recent example of my anxiety drunkeness. This is a TRUE & ACCURATE recounting. But I have to start with a bit of backstory, (here's your warning it may be a long post.)

Our ward (church congregation) got split 6 months ago. We got a new Bishop (he's kind of like a pastor). We got new callings (church jobs) and all was well.

So about a month ago, we get a call saying the bishop wants to see us. IMMEDIATLY I go into panic/anxiety mode. Why does he want to see us? It can't be about callings cause we just got them. And all these things go racing through my head. So I have 5 days between the phone call to set the appointment up and the actual appointment time. I am a WRECK. (And its not because he's the bishop, its because he's an adult and they FREAK ME OUT & SCARE ME!)

We go to the appointment and everyone shakes hands, says "Hi" and we sit down. IMMEDIATLY I start rattling things off like I'm in a Catholic Confessional Booth. The man had not said one word yet, other than Hi.

I say: (You have to read all this without taking a breath and talk REALLY fast to get the whole affect.)

"Your probably wondering why I'm not going to Sunday School. I go to Sacrament but by time it's done - I'm done. But don't get offended I have A.D.D., I can't sit still that long. I don't even go to the movies. It KILLS me to have to sit that long, so see, it's not a "Church thing" I have a problem with...it's me and the whole sitting still part without doing anything. Unless it's good speakers, than I can usually make it all the way through depending on who's teaching Sunday School. Oh yeah, I also still eat Tiramasu when I go to Sauce even though i know now what's in it. I know I shouldn't, but it's just SO GOOD! Maybe I never should have looked for the recipe online, than I wouldn't have known it has coffee in and could still "technically" eat it guilt free, right? Same with coffee ice cream. I LOVE it. But that's just artificial flavoring, so is that okay or is it bad? If it's bad I don't want to know. But I don't drink coffee, even though I LOVED it, so thats good, right? So, I just eat coffee flavored products. Is that semantics? Also, I probably say things I shouldn't, I'm the sailor in my family, I'm working on it though. Well, not really, but sometimes I THINK about maybe working on it. Oh yeah, I also watch some shows I probably shouldn't watch, but I DVR them and watch them EARLY in the morning when the kids are asleep. The kids don't watch them. But I've been to hell and back so I KNOW what to stay away from and what not to do, so I'm not in danger of being tempted to do those kinds of things, I just find these shows really well written or funny. So yeah. Oh yeah, music too. Same thing, I just listen to it in the car, no kids around. Also, I wear underwear when I go get a massage, so i should get points for that too, right?...

At this point I happen to glance over at Bill who is sitting there just STARRING at me with his mouth kind of open and this very strange look on his face. Then I look at the Bishop who has the EXACT SAME LOOK on HIS face.

I'm all like "What?"

And the Bishop says to me (in kind of a shell-shocked slow paced tone,)
"So... I just wanted to call you in to see how you guys are doing and how you like your callings. And are the older boys going to be around during the summer, do you think they'd like to go to Scout Camp?"




Bill says, "I promise she wasn't drinking before we left the house, I don't know WHAT'S wrong with her."


* * * *

That is the scene EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. When I have to deal with grown-ups, I just get SO ANXIETY ridden that I talk complete & utter non-sense. I sweat uncontrollably and it's just a BIG mess. And the fact that I OVER THINK every little thing doesn't help matters. I can't describe it other than it's kind of like an out of body experience. Like me watching a train wreck but being able to do nothing about it. It's weird and I hate it.

So I have 2 more days of this mental torture, than I will give my "performance."


NOTE: I will probably get paranoid and delete this post after a bit unless I hear from D. or S. that I have nothing to worry about in terms of content. They are my moral compass guides. They could tell me that smoking crack in the corner is totally acceptable and I would consider it gospel.


A Tale of Two Larry's

This is the first installment of a feature we'll call
"WORST Idea Ever/BEST Idea Ever."

WORST: Larry, King of Dementia, has had his contract with CNN renewed until 2011.

Someone REALLY needs to be fired over this one.

* * * *

BEST: Somebody has been sneaking into my dreams at night and has decided to make them reality. I saw this photo today and got ALL GIDDY with excitment. This is Larry David on location in NYC filming a new Woody Allen movie. It seriously does not get any better than this.
(That just spoke VOLUMES about me didn't it?)


Bill likes to go to the lake on Monday evenings, but Emmy didn't want to go, so her and I went to San Tan Village and got a Tandori Chicken wrap & a Yogurberry, then we did some walking around and had some "girl time" which I think she's been needing.

Since we didn't go, Bill took his mom & Denny. His mom took these pictures and I just LOVE this one of Holly & Aus in the towels. I guess they were freezing-the lake is still a little cold.



A new restaurant opened up by us, so yesterday morning we decided that we would go check it out for our Saturday lunch. It was a buffet, so we also knew that it would be easy to talk Austin into going with us. (His absolute all time favorite restaurant is Old Country Buffet, which we REFUSE to take him too. So if anyone out there goes to it, and wants company to go along with you, Austin is available.)

The place is called Sweet Tomatoes. We had been to another location years ago, and liked it, (the kids REALLY liked it.)
This new one was really different look wise, kind of Industrial Cafeteria. My family all liked the look and the food - I tried, but....*shudder*

I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I just can't "do" buffett's. Honestly they just creep me out. And then when you finally get your food, and your sitting there trying to eat it and your looking around, you think to yourself "Holy Crap!" Even if the food was good, watching some of these people eat is enough to make you lose your appetite. I guess I'm just a food snob, but I wasn't feelin' it. It will definately be somewhere I send Bill & the kids when I don't want to cook (pick a day...any day.)


Scrap Blog

Today there was no school, so Dominic drove out yesterday afternoon, and he went with me to take Emmy to cheer last night. Then we went to breakfast this morning. It was a good visit. Short, but good. Now we are all sitting around bored and since I have been banned from giving humans or dogs "haircuts" (that's usually what I end up doing in these situations) I am wasting my day online. I found this website through a blog I was reading and went to check it out. It was REALLY easy to use and you don't need ANY additional software. Granted, there aren't nearly the choices you get with other, but I liked it. Two thumbs up.

Scrap Blog


The Wonder Twins

So, as Bill is getting ready for golf this morning, I'm sitting there talking with him and he tells me this story:

Yesterday at our Thursday meeting, I reached my arm past Jeff to get a pen from the middle of the table.

Jeff says to me, "Are you wearing cologne?" (Backstory: Jeff has been on "High Alert" regarding any changes in Bill or his behavior. Since Bill has been working out, Jeff is convinced he is having an affair or going gay. To him that is the only reasoning behind ANYONE going to the gym.)

Bill: no

Jeff: Are you sure?

Bill: Yeah. It's probably my deodorant. I wear Old Spice. It smells good and works good too.
He then lifts his arm and smells it.

Jeff leans over and smells it too.

Jeff then says, "Ahhhh....that's VERY pleasant."

...and THEY wonder why people wonder about them.


To "hook" Muffin up or not

Muffin is in heat. Every time one of the dogs goes in heat I debate whether I should let them get pregnant or not. So far, I never have. But I need to make a decision quickly regarding Muffin. She is THEE BEST dog we have ever had. She never makes a peep, she doesn't bark, she has good hair, and her temperment is just the sweetest. This is her 2nd cycle, so if I don't mate her, I need to get her fixed. We'll be moving in 3 months and do I REALLY want to be dealing with puppies?

I've never had a dog have puppies. Is it easy? Is it hard? Will this change her into a crabby mom like me? Or will she stay her sweet self?

I need advice - STAT!

What to do...what to do???


3:05 pm

the kids walk in the door from school:

me: Hey! How was you day?

emmy: Did you return your new straightener?

me: no

emmy: Did you break it?

me: no

emmy: Does it still work?

me: yes

emmy: Then why are you letting your hair look like that?

me: Because of my "lip situation" I'm not going anywhere, so I didn't do my hair.

emmy: Well.......you might want to go in there and do something with it, because it doesn't look too good.

That little $##@4$!


You know the warning or instruction labels that you see on different things? And you think to yourself,

"What IDIOT can't figure out how to wash their hair without reading the bottle first?"


"What RETARD can't figure out how to take the lid off a Paint Pen"


THAT retard would be me. (I know, I know....I should not be using that word, but I don't care. So save the preach'n cause I'm not listening)

Anywho...As I stated in the previous post-I STABBED my lip while taking the lid off the pen. I was using my mouth (no, my mom never told me I shouldn't use my teeth to open things) to pry it off and then my arm ricoched back with such force that it went all the way through my lip. I YANKED it back out and blood comes GUSHING down my chin. It Hurt. That was on Sunday afternoon.

I woke up yesterday with a fat lip and it still hurt. But whatever, I'm a tough old broad and have a VERY high pain tollerance. (didn't make a *peep* through any of my 4 childrens pregnancy's or births.)

But then when I woke up today, and my lip was even BIGGER and now hard, I started to FREAK OUT. This is where my whole "I think WAY too much" comes in. I thought of every possible scenario that could go wrong. Can I get a staph infection from this? I'll die. Who will raise my kids. Oh yeah...Bill never got that vascetomy and what if some hussy comes along and traps him after I'm dead.....

And it just goes downhill from there.

So, I figured I better call the doctor and ask him about it. Unlike Emmy & Austin, I have a VERY GOOD doctor. I have an appointment later today. Unless I am carted off for emergency surgery, I will give an update.


On a side note: The paint pens are REALLY quite cool and they have tons of colors. We got them at a Home Expo we went to a few weeks ago. They are for doing Nail Art and I have SO much fun doing the girls toe nails with them. Every weekend I give them pedicures (I'm obsessive about toe polish. If they were flip flops, their toes MUST be done.) and this was a fun, easy way to jazz them up. Last weekend I did a French manicure on Emmy, but I did them as WATERMELONS!!!! OMG... They were TOO cute!



I'm back from the doctor.

He cut the inside of my lip open and "drained" it. And gave me a tetnus shot. I have to go back on Thursday and have it done again.

Here is my be-u-ti-ful lip!

and you people thought I was just being a Drama Queen, uh?
I'm Cranky.

I don't feel good.

I stabbed my lip with a paint pen, it's swollen & it hurts. I can't eat or drink and I worry I'll have to get my lip amputated. (Seriously, it went COMPLETELY THROUGH my lip and into my gums.)

My head feels like it is going to explode. I think I might be getting the flu. Is it still flu season? Or maybe its what Emmy & all the Gambell girls had. Who knows....

That's all I got. I'll stop complaining.


Dan In Real Life

The name of my old blog was "I Think Too Much" which I do and it drives me crazy. But now because of the internet my insanity is short lived. Case in point: We were are watching Dan In Real Life and I was wondering where the location of filming was. Now pre-internet I seriously would have thought about it for days trying to figure it out. This time, I just walked across the room, grabbed my laptop and **poof** I had the answer. Rhode Island.

This is one of my little quirks, does anyone else do this?

What quirks do you have?

I have to pay attention now or I won't know what's going on with Dan.

My Saturday

Yesterday was was just kind of a "chill & do no chores day."

This is Holly & Emmy playing with a grasshopper. Right now Holly is OBSESSED with bugs. She wanted to go get some research books on them so we dropped the girls off at the library and Bill & I went to Domestic Bliss to do some browsing. I'm always VERY leary of taking him places like that. Then we walked down to Bella Finé. They used to be primarily flowers but now they have another space across the way that they are doing more furniture/home accents in, it's going to be a VERY NICE store. While we were there it was SO cute, they had a little display up with rug samples, and Bill said, "Hey Lana...Did you see they carry Company C. here?" He KNEW the name and RECOGNIZED the style of their rugs." He makes me SO PROUD. Sometimes I guess he really does pay attention to what I'm saying."

We then picked the girls up, ran another errand, then went to Garcia's for lunch since we were right by there. IT WAS SO GROSS!!!! Ugh, I'm getting sick again just thinking about it.

Came home, made a fruit salad for the Daddy Daughter Picnic.

We went to the picnic. This was so fun for me as I have never been to one with my girls(for obvious reasons.) It turned out really great and the girls & the dads had SO much fun, we ate then played Wheelbarrow Kickball. This was Bill's last one....*tear*

Holly came and helped when it was time to clean up (picnic was for girls 8-12). This is her favorite pose. She's saying "I'm a NERD. Say it LOUD...say it PROUD!"

And because all it ever seems like I talk about is the girls (they are the only ones who will hang out with us), I give you this.

Austin stayed home. SHOCKER!!! He will do what is required of him without complaint. But when he's done-HE'S DONE! No going out for him, EVER! It's like pullin' teeth.

Doug is working at Safeway and he seems to really like it. It's right by his mom's house so he walks to work (saves on having to use his check for gas). We hardly ever get to see him.

Dominc, same thing. He is working (at the gym, not Safeway.) It seems like forever since I've seen him. He's taking classes at GCC as well as school. Since the boys both started driving, they are so busy, and time just flies. I was talking to Dominic the other day, and said, "I feel like the next time I see you it'll be when your married with 10 kids." His response was "um yeah mom, I know I'm surrounded by mormons & catholics, so by association that's probable, But NOT HAPPENING!"




OMG...I'm an elephant!

I was just walking through my bathroom and happened to glance at myself in the mirror. I see that my neck is "dark", that's gross, how did my neck get so "dirty"? So I step closer to the mirror on the medicine cabinet so I can scrub my neck with spit and my finger.

Well, the good news is, it wasn't dirt.



I'm converting

What's that religion that doesn't believe in doctors or medicine? Cause when I figure it out I'm converting. I really think they are onto something which is this - Doctors don't know s___!!! I get so unbelievably aggravated with trying to figure out what the heck to do sometimes. I KNOW it's most likely cold or flu or whatever happens to be going around, but then i start second guessing myself and think "Oh no, what if THIS time it's, you know, maleria or lyme disease, or what if I tell her to stop whinning and her appendix explodes? So I ALWAYS cave and try to be a responsible mom and go to the doctor.

Can you see where this is all going????

So yes, I took Emmy to the doctor. Doogie Howser finally comes in the room 1 HOUR after our scheduled appointment time, scratches his fluffy head of hair (and yes, I did see dandruff) and says to me, "Gee, I'm not really sure what could be wrong" and no, I am NOT exagerating, he REALLY said that.

So, should she still be alive tomorrow morning, I'm to take her back in. For what? I'm still not exactly sure and I don't think the doctor is either.

I LOVE music

Here is a random fact that I don't really talk about, but I LOVE, love, LOve music. My secret desire for as long as I can remember has been to be reincarnated as a big, black woman with the voice of a angel. It started with me being around my older sisters and they would have the radio on in the mornings to get ready for school. (raise your hand if you remember Jonathan Brandmeier on KZZP in the morning) But one day, in the car, a Bob Segar song came on, it was "Still the Same." and all I could focus on was the back-up singers, and I thought to myself, that would be my dream to be able to sing like that. Well, life had a different plan for me, the main thing being that I CAN'T SING!!! So I get my satisfation by indulging in all kinds of music. It really does run the gammet, and I try to be conscientious about what I'm listening to when I have people (kids) around. And iTunes has just been an absolute answer to my prayers (I don't ask for much). With iTunes I am able to make a CD each week with my findings that I will listen to over & over to in the car.

If your still with me as I'm rambling on, I do have a point to this post.

On American Idol right now there is a girl from Mesa named Brooke White, and if she doesn't win I REALLY hope that she puts out a cd somehow because she is AMAZING. She is a cross of Carly Simon & Carole King both of whom I LOVE!!!! She is like a good throwback to the 70's. No, she's not big or black, but I would gladly sell my soul to be able to sing like her.

Here is a little taste of her music.

UMMM.....okay, so I might need a little bit of help here. I can't figure out if I can put my iTunes music on here. Does anyone know how? In the meantime you'll have to just trust me and go listen to her.
Yesterday when Emmy got home from school she was healthy, happy & energetic. Within 1 hour she had a fever of 103.5 and was vommitting non-stop and lasted thru the night. I'm waiting now for the doctor's office to open so I can get her in. Poor baby, she is just miserable.


UPDATE on "Chill in the air." For practicallity reasons I had to break my silence, and so now all is well. Apparantly there needs to be a warning label on the Benadryl bottle, because that is what he's attributing his rudeness too. He said he was 'loopy' and doesn't even remember or know what prompted him to say such ridiculous things. Who knew Benadryl could be SO dangerous.



Party of One

Last night while everyone was gone, I thought I'd take the time and organize & box some things up. Then I QUICKLY changed my mind and decided since there were no impressionable minds around, I'd have Trashy TV night. YEA!!!! So I fixed myself a HUGE bowl of strawberries & cream, made a nice hot bath and watched 4 episodes that I had recorded of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. (One of thee best shows on TV. Don't judge me.)

Pure Bliss.



This will not be for the faint at heart, so if politics gets you going....you may want to skip this.

Now, I know your not supposed to discuss politics or religion, but to me that makes NO SENSE, since that is what makes you - You! Anywho, I was just sitting here being lazy & ALONE (thanks Curtis for sending my family to the D-Backs game. Yea!) And I went on Drudge and saw this headline "VICE PRESIDENT RICE?" with Condi's picture. Now, I havn't really talked to anyone about this election because I've been so unimpressed with just about the whole bunch, so against everything I believe in, I had just come to terms that I probably was going to sit this one out. I could not in good conscience vote for McCain. The ONLY thing I like or agree with him on is immigration (I know, I know...don't shoot me. I just really believe there should be Amnesty for those already here, those that get arrested or have criminal background (OTHER than crossing the border) should get sent back, AND secure the border). HOWEVER, if he added Condi to his ticket I would PROUDLY go to the polls and cast my vote for him. Then I'd pray that he doesn't do with immigration that he seems to do with everything else and change his mind.

There. I said my piece.

I feel much better. Oh, and by the way, if THAT just didn't get you going this will.

Guess who William is rooting for?


Chill in the Air

Sometimes I REALLY wish this blog was anonomous. But it's not, and as much as I hate to do this, I have to generically vent.

First, I have to start out by saying that I am NOT a High Maintenance woman or wife in ANY sense of the word. It takes very little to make me happy and it takes quite alot to make me mad. And most of these times I'm over it in a matter of minutes because I forget what I'm supposed to be mad at. I could care less about birthdays, anniversaries or holidays in the gift aspect of it. I don't need constant adoration to feel worthy or loved. "Things" or "Brands" don't impress me nor do I feel a need to have them. I have a VERY THICK skin and rarely, if ever, get offended by anything that is said to me or about me. I generally could care less what people think of me or say about me. I could (and was) be happy living in the ghetto for the rest of my life and would make the most of it. If something needs done, I do it. Needs fixed, I fix it. If I don't know how, I'll figure it out.


Yesterday, my husband said something to me that made me SO...I can't even put into words how I felt. I didn't bat an eye but went straight to my closet, (which has been in DIRE need of cleaning for the last 6 months) and cleaned it. It was a job that EASILY should have taken 3 days at least, and I had it cleaned out, organized and sparkling within an hour. That is how mad I was and still am.

This folks, is gonna be a long one in terms of the chill in the air around here.


A Gambell Girl Weekend

We had the pleasure of having the Gambell girls over for the weekend so their mom & dad could go on a get away. We had lots of fun, and I just LOVE the energy that little girls have. I also, want my girls, Holly & Emmy to know how much I appreciate all they do to make sure they are happy and having fun when they are here. We love the Gambell's!!!

Check out my Slide Show!

A Gambell Girl Weekend

We had the pleasure of having the Gambell girls over for the weekend so their mom & dad could go on a get away. We had lots of fun, and I just LOVE the energy that little girls have. I also, want my girls, Holly & Emmy to know how much I appreciate all they do to make sure they are happy and having fun when they are here. We love the Gambell's!!!


I don't know why I'm not losing weight

These are another one of those "100 Calorie per pack" (from Hostess) items. If you see them at the grocery store, just keep on walkin', and DO NOT BUY THEM! OMG they are the most scrumptious little things EVER! I've tried 4 of the flavors and all of them are so tasty, even the carrot cake and I didn't even know I liked carrot cake!

Oh and FYI, if you eat the whole box at one time it is no longer 100 calories. Not that I would know.


Holly missed the bus, so I had to take her to school. My gas tank was on "E" {I know...SHOCKER!} so I had to stop or I would have never made it home. I guess I've never really looked at the total when I fill up, but this morning I glanced up and my total was $92.08! That's nuts!


Is it wrong of me to watch the clock all morning long? Not so that I'm sure to get everyone off on time, but it's so I'll FINALLY be ALONE! I literaly count down the minutes till its 7:50, and then as soon as I get the last one off and shut the door, I feel my whole body go aaahhhhhh. It is my zen moment of the day. I know that I will have the next 7 hours all to MYSELF!!

Except for today.

As I gave Emmy a kiss and shoved lovingly sent her out the door, she said "See you at 12:00."

Me: Panic. What the ____? 12:00?

Em: Yeah Mom, remember it's a half day. *all smiles*



Great, after I did the post above, I went to my daily blogs that I read and found this. Sometimes I am such a loser. I am grateful that I have children who sometimes bug me, at least they are here.


We went to the lake after school yesterday. First we stopped by KFC and grabbed dinner to eat on the boat, It was the first time I have been this season, Bill took the kids by himself last week. This time though, we took the dogs. All 3 little ones. It was a fun time!

I'm SO mad, I forgot my camera at home.

(After I posted this, I glanced up at my header and realized this new layout only gives me half a husband and no Freckles. Oh No! I need to fix this.)